We are a community-driven music studio based in Belmont, NC.

Our multifaceted approach to music lessons gives every student the opportunity to gain valuable skills and participate in experiences that lead to a lifetime enjoyment of music-making. We desire to send our students out into the world to both enjoy and employ their musical talents, no matter how big or small, as a means to enrich the community in which they live.

What We Teach

Training the ear without notation helps develop inner listening skills essential to becoming a skilled musician.

A solid foundation in classical techniques is key to interpreting and performing all styles of music well.

The ability to read notation unlocks a world of music at our fingertips.

Theory lays the groundwork for understanding the building blocks of the music we love and bridging the gap between the aural and visual.

From simple everyday songs to challenging performance pieces, we cover a variety of genres and styles from classical to pop to worship.

Rhythmic flow is the foundation of all music, and the ability to feel and internalize the pulse is an essential ingredient of musicianship.

Improv, arranging, and composition challenges help get those creative juices flowing.

From ensembles to peer performances, our monthly group lessons are a highlight for students.

My daughter has been a piano student with Kristi Lee for 6 years, and that alone is a strong endorsement. Beyond her technical skills, what makes Kristi excel as a teacher is her personal investment in each student and her abundant enthusiasm and joy for sharing music. She understands my daughter, as a person and pianist, and always finds thoughtful ways to engage and challenge her. I also appreciate that Kristi is organized, professional, and a clear and prompt communicator. From emails to recitals, every aspect of our experience with Kristi is a pleasure.” – Carrie C.

Learning piano with Mrs. Kristi has been a wonderful growing opportunity for Clara. Mrs. Kristi is so patient and loving during the lessons. She breaks it down into manageable steps and shares so many techniques for learning. This had made Clara love music, feel comfortable making mistakes, and persevere with confidence during tough songs. She is so proud of all the skills she has learned. Thank you!!” – Sarah J.

Kristi is a wonderful teacher who motivates my child to work hard while exploring her love of music. She makes lessons fun and collaborative. I have enjoyed watching Averie learn and grow musically! Thank you!” – Donna K.

Kristi has helped develop a love for piano for our daughter while at the same time teaching her the skills and theory she needs to grow as a piano player. We love that Kristi blends sight reading AND learning to play by ear… That was a major factor in us choosing Kristi as her piano teacher and we are very satisfied with the results. Kristi is also very loving and kind and provides a nurturing and caring encouraging environment for our daughter (and others) to grow and thrive!” – Michael S.

Kristi was named Top Music Teacher by Steinway Piano Gallery for 3 years

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Belmont, NC

Music is a gift to be enjoyed and a skill to be employed.

For the good of others and the glory of God.

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